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It has been a perfect week; the best is beautiful, the country is amzing, the swims have been inadible, and the food couldn’t be better!!
Thank you very much for being so kind to us and our holidays are UNFORGETABLE!!!

Thank you for a wonderful week:

  • For taking us to beautiful place
  • For making great food for us
  • For taking us speed boating
  • For all the swimming, snorkling, sailing and the lovely night sleeping under the stars.

You have made us sailors! We will be back!

8 doctors on bord,
Enjoying the boatidrinking, eating the dellicious meals, relaxing in the sun and of course biking, biking, biking through marvellous landscapes ——— ports. ———-. Thank you for warm hostility.

We have been on weeks cruise and bicycling trip on the wonderful islands of Croatia. A fantastic trip with perfect weather for cycling, swimming and cruising. The crew has been very helpful and very nice and we have had excelend food prepared by the chef and watched „mission impossible“ bettering by the caption!
Thank you for a wonderful time and we hope to be back soon!

I enjoy this travel very much. We saw beautuful landscape and amazing blue water. The food was great (the avocado salad!!). You are really nice and I hope you had good time with us.

Very buce boat, very nice trip, beautifull islands, wanderfull crew, amazing cooks. Hvala

Excellent week, beautifull landscapes, the best way to visit Croatia in your boat.

To an very special sailor boys… Thank you so much for the delicious cusine and friendly hospitality. We loved it!! We ate and drank juice kings and queens. Good luck for the —— you baby boy and we hope your father recovers well. We would love to keep in contact with you. Whoo-hoo you the best.